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Please note that our activities go ahead in all but the most severe of weather conditions. Please ensure that your child has adequate clothing. We are unable to provide supervision if you wish you child not to participate. Should you not want your child to participate, they should be collected before the club commences.


Happy Hedgehog Sports are pleased to be able to announce that we will be running a Summer Camp for 2020. The camp will be help at Rudston only and there are options for multi-sports, dance and cheerleading.

We have worked with Rudston to make the camp as safe as possible. We have had to introduce some restrictions.


The restrictions are as follows:

There will be a maximum of-


Dance Mania  - (Open to all ages)

  • 30 Tickets per week (Tue, Wed & Thurs - 3 Day Camp) 

Cheerleading - (Open to all ages) 

  • 30 Tickets per day (Monday & Friday only)

KS2 Multi Sports - (Current Y3, Y4, Y5 & Y6)

  • 10 Full week tickets (each week)

  • 20 Individual day tickets (each day)

Rec/ KS1 Multi Sports - (Current Rec, Y1 & Y2)

  • 10 Full week tickets (each week)

  • 20 Individual day tickets (each day)


*Reception children must be 5 years old

We regret that we are unable to make any amendments to these ticket numbers regardless of the potential issues they may cause for our customers.




We anticipate selling out and advise booking as early as possible to avoid disappointment. 

We will only be taking bookings via our website:


  • A small minority experience issues when booking on their mobile devices. If you have trouble booking on your mobile device, please try a different browser or use a desktop computer.

  • The only payment option is via Paypal, you do not need an account to use Paypal, simply use the option to checkout as a ‘guest’ and you can use your card to pay.


We will inform parents via email if tickets become available at a later date.

Please note that whilst we do not usually enforce our no refunds policy, on this occasion it has become necessary and we will not be refunding any bookings. Due to the restricted ticket amount we will also be unable to offer change of dates. Bookings can be moved to a camp taking place later in the year.

It is likely that some of our regular customers will be unable to book with us this year due to these restrictions. Whilst this is disappointing, we hope that you understand that these precautions are necessary to keep the children as safe as possible.


Safety at Camp

In addition to our own procedures and the following of government guidance, Happy Hedgehog Sports will be applying relevant components of the risk assessment created by Rudston Primary. Our staff have been familiarised with the risks and routines associated with this assessment.


What will the group sizes be?

Groups (presently known as bubbles) will be set at a maximum of 30 children. The children will be split into two age appropriate activity groups of 15. 

Groups will not mix or enter other activity areas.

Below are each group’s activity areas:

- Cheerleading / Dance Mania (Junior Hall)

- KS2 Multi Sports (Canteen)

- Rec/ KS1 Multi Sports (Infant Hall)


Parents will be directed to the appropriate activity area for registration and collection. 


What social distance measures will be in place?

1. During drop off and pick up

Drop Off & Collection:

We will be operating a one way system for both drop off and collection. Parents must enter using the Score Lane Entrance, follow the floor markings and exit on to Rudston Road.

Staggered Drop off times: Gates will be open from 8:30am to 9:00am.

Staggered Collection times: Gates will be open from 3:00pm to 3:30pm.

Hand sanitiser: 

All children will be asked to use our hand sanitiser before entering.


2. During the camp day

Where possible we will strive to keep children 2m away from each other. While in general groups will be kept apart, brief, transitory, contact such as passing in a corridor is low risk.

All activities will be programmed to allow sufficient space and avoid clustering. This includes lunch times and breaks.

A cleaning schedule will include:

• Identifying high-contact touch points for more regular cleaning

• Frequent cleaning of work areas and equipment between use 

  • Cleaning of shared training equipment after each individual use

  • A designated person who is responsible for checking that all the cleaning has taken place as planned


3. Toileting and hand washing arrangements

Children and staff should clean hands more often than usual.

Groups will have designated toilets


Daily checks will be made to ensure easy access to soap and hot water in all toilet areas and staff rooms. Hand Sanitiser is available throughout the site, including main entrance. All children and staff will wash their hands or use hand sanitiser when they come inside.


4. Camp presentations

Unfortunately, Parents will not be invited to attend our camp presentations. Camp presentations and Dance Mania performances will take place in their separate groups. 


Photographs and videos will be available to view on our social media pages.


Will you still administer first aid?

Our First Aiders have been updated on the guidance provided by St John’s Ambulance. First aid will still be administered if required with the appropriate adaptations.


What happens if a child displays symptoms of Covid-19?

The child will be taken to an isolation room. The emergency contact listed will be called and asked to collect the child.


What should I do if my child displays symptoms of Covid-19 before camp?

If your child becomes unwell before camp they should remain at home.


What happens if a member of Happy Hedgehog Sports staff displays symptoms of Covid-19?

We will not utilise any member of staff who has symptoms of Covid-19. 

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